Pacific View

Dear Friends,

Encinitas Friends of the Arts was founded with the mission to advocate and fundraise for a city owned art center in 2014 while celebrating diversity in our community through programs such as our annual Dia de los Muertos and Passport series.  Subsequently we expanded our reach to include public art and art education.

Due to lack of visible progress in the last couple of years and given our mission we elected to initiate our advocacy efforts by working with the community to explore viable near-term actions to begin the transformation of the site from a sad abandoned school to a vibrant community asset. And most recently submitted a high-level vision plan to the city for their review and consideration. This vision plan was created to clarify and record the values, vision, mission (purpose), goals, and strategy of the Pacific View Site as an Arts and Culture Center for Encinitas: Center for Innovation through Art, while utilizing the existing buildings and open space and maintaining the historic schoolhouse on its current location.

So, after 8 years, we all finally got the go ahead to make the Pacific View school property, a stunning site, into that arts and culture center. The city which owns the property, will take next steps to renovate this site and the EFA will assist with fundraising and programming along with the city staff, Encinitas Commission for Arts and Culture and representatives from other nonprofit art organizations who are able and willing to offer expertise and resources.

We are elated and are grateful to our mayor and council members for their unanimous vote to designate this site as an art & culture center for our community to enjoy.

There has been lots of controversy and rumors about delays in this activation. But now is the time to do what the arts are best at…bringing a community together to heal and prosper. As a nonprofit partner with the City of Encinitas EFA is ready to start its fundraising campaign for this beloved site as soon as possible.

Please join us in thanking our elected officials for this historic decision and we will provide updates as they become available. By activating this much-loved site into a valuable art education resource, it will;

  • Create the economic growth for which the arts are well known.
  • Add value to our community by celebrating 500 artists and 90 arts organizations willing to contribute their expertise.
  • Create new jobs for a state-of-the-art facility.
  • Take advantage of state and national funding for the arts as never before
  • Will energize and unify our community.

We are happy and we thank you for all the love and support which you have sent our way.

Naimeh Woodward & EFA team