Kinetic Sculpture Donated to the City of Encinitas

A gift to the city from Encinitas Friends of the Arts

Encinitas, CA. The first piece of public art in the City of Encinitas’ Sculpture Installation Program has been donated to the city. Orpheus, a kinetic sculpture installed at the K Street Parkway in 2018 in downtown Encinitas is located at 1134 S. Coast Hwy. Encinitas, CA 92024. The artwork has been on loan to the city and was recently acquired by Encinitas Friends of the Arts. The soaring 20’ tall sculpture, made from titanium and stainless steel, was created by renowned Encinitas artist Jeffery Laudenslager. Propelled by air and wind currents, the sculpture creates unlimited shapes and forms.

“Public art enhances the environment and complements the lifestyle of its citizens. It gains in significance when the work is created by a local artist,” said Naimeh Woodward, President of Encinitas Friends of the Arts. “It is appropriate that this large-scale sculpture will welcome all to our city for years to come.” 

The funds to install and purchase the sculpture were raised by Encinitas Friends of the Arts, its  donors, and donations received in memory of Ann and Tom Sergott. 

The mission of Encinitas Friends of the Arts is to partner with the City of Encinitas by fundraising and advocating for the cultural arts in Encinitas and for city-owned arts venues. Established by the City of Encinitas Commission for the Arts in 2014, the nonprofit works to elevate arts and culture by presenting cultural programs, provide arts education for youth, and public art. For more information or to make a donation, please visit:

Orpheus by Jeffery Laudenslager
Orpheus by Jeffery Laudenslager

Orpheus, a kinetic sculpture by artist Jeffery Laudenslager, has been donated to the City of Encinitas.

Encinitas Friends of the Arts Creates Thank You Banners for Frontline Workers

The artist-designed banners include painting and graphic design.

Encinitas, CA.

In Partnership with the City of Encinitas Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, Encinitas Friends of the Arts (EFA) is pleased to release a set of banners, created by local artists, to thank frontline workers who have courageously worked to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists Kirsten Francis, Deanne Sabeck, Patricia Frischer, Naimeh Woodward, and Sean Hnedak created the banners and are members of EFA. The banners will be displayed at prominent locations on Encinitas Blvd., Via Cantebria and at the Encinitas Library.

EFA, a community based nonprofit arts and culture organization, commissioned artists to create the banners to show gratitude for health care workers, first responders, frontline, and essential workers. “This is a small but important gesture and one way the arts can step forward to serve our community,” said Naimeh Woodward, President of Encinitas Friends of the Arts. “As we face difficult and uncertain times together, the generosity of our community inspires us to move forward with hope, optimism and resolve.”

A website page has been created for the project. The community is invited to submit messages of gratitude and support to The messages, along with images of the banners and additional information, can be viewed at or by using the QR code located on each banner. For more information, please email


EFA has made significant strides toward its goal of elevating arts and culture. Established in March 2014 by the City of Encinitas Commission for the Arts, the organization partners with the City of Encinitas to enrich arts and culture in the community through programs and fundraising. Programs include the Passport Series, Encinitas Dia de los Muertos, public art, and arts education for children and youth: Ballet Folklorico de San Dieguito, offering year-round dance instruction and performance opportunities. To learn more about EFA, please visit: